CONCIERGE LIFE STORIES BOOK WRITING SERVICEThe process of sharing the story of your life

Welcome to My Stories Matter's concierge life stories writing service! We make it easy for you to preserve the story of your life by transforming your spoken words into a professional-looking book that will bring joy to you and your family for years to come.

Here's what you can expect when you embark on this journey to pass on the story of your life.


Your dedicated concierge will shepherd you through the process, making sure that it’s easy, stress-free, and enjoyable. They will work with you to create an interview schedule that is convenient for you.

Your concierge will also provide regular updates to share the story of your life, keeping you well-informed about the ongoing progress of your book’s creation.

Personal interviews

We begin with a one-hour development call where your unique book is discussed, including its structure and content. Our skilled interviewers will then create a tailored list of topics and questions for your interview sessions.

Before each interview, you'll receive the topics and related questions to be covered. You're encouraged to gather photos and keepsakes that hold significance for the story of your life. You will enjoy reminiscing with our professional interviewers!

Turning your words into text

Each interview is carefully transcribed to preserve the essence of the story of your life. Our team meticulously removes background audio, the interviewer's questions, filler words, and repetition. The clean transcript is then sent to My Stories Matter's professional writers.

Your professional ghostwriter

Your dedicated professional will take the transcript and masterfully polish the story of your life while preserving your unique ‘voice’ (personality and style). They will conduct research to add clarifying details, improve the flow, and enhance readability. This will transform each story into an enthralling journey as your family turns the pages of the story of your life.

Enrich your stories

After the story of your life is written, it will be uploaded to your personal My Stories Matter account where you can make edits and additions, such as adding photos. You can also invite your loved ones to contribute their unique perspectives of your shared experiences, further enriching your life stories book.

Photo restoration & enhancement

We utilize state-of-the-art technologies, and the expertise of our professional photographers to revitalize old, damaged, or faded photos so that your invaluable images shine in the story of your life. From upscaling to colorization, we offer various photo enhancements to showcase your precious photos in the best light for future generations.

Check out some examples of this service on our Photo restoration and enhancement page!

Your beautiful book of life stories

Our experienced designers will craft the story of your life into a beautiful book that meets international publishing standards. Every story will be meticulously proofread and finalized, ensuring consistency and readability throughout the book.

Once you are satisfied with the draft book, we will send it to our publishers, who utilize high-quality materials to ensure the story of your life can be enjoyed and appreciated for many generations.

Why clients love it

“The book arrived in excellent condition. Everything about it screams quality, from the binding, photo quality, formatting, and paper thickness. When I was turning the pages, each page felt like two because of the quality of the paper. Thank you for bringing the project to fruition.”

What If..
I don’t have time
I’m not a native English speaker
I’m not good at writing
My photos are poor quality
Ready to get started?

At My Stories Matter, we are passionate about capturing and preserving the essence of your life's journey. Let us help you create a treasured book of your life stories that will bring joy to your family and future generations.