Storytelling is in our DNA

Our lives are made up of many stories that spark laughter, gratitude, and love. We share stories to pass down hard-earned life lessons and because they bring joy to us and the people we share them with. A story can be that small moment of mishap with your friend, a piece of advice you want to pass on to your children, or that first time you cooked with Mom.

My Stories Matter leverages the latest academic knowledge in psychology and memory to deliver an age-friendly app that helps you easily recall, collaborate, organize, and share your stories safely, securely, and confidentially.

What We Do

See how My Stories Matter is the best digital platform to reminisce on, all for free to you.


Helping You Reminisce

Be able to recall dormant or lost memories. We integrate the science behind memory triggers to help you remember your most important moments.

Privacy Like No Other

You have complete control over who sees your Memories. You can even choose which portions of your Memory certain people are allowed to see. We don’t share your data with third parties and we certainly do not sell your data.

Your Personal Timeline

View your Memories in context with notable events and cultural phenomena from that period of your life. These memory cues make it easier to recall and share stories from different chapters in your life.

The More the Merrier

Details can get hazy with the passage of time. Collaborate with family or friends to fill in the gaps, or add their perspective to a shared experience.

What You Can Do

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How We Protect Your Data

We do not sell or share any of your personal data. My Stories Matter has no advertisements and no third party access.

Our memories are precious to us. We don't want our memories of our mother's cooking, our father's sage advice, or our private moments with friends to be sold to the highest bidder. Unlike other social media sites, we do NOT share or sell the content of your stories, or any information about you, to third parties.

We treat your memories the same way we want our own memories to be treated: with the privacy they deserve.

Read our privacy policy in full.

What others are saying about My Stories Matter

"The first thing I click on in my emails after work is My Stories Matter notifications."

Louis Y.

"Fascinating stuff, I'd forgotten 90% of memories that I was a part of! Shows how useful this is."

David B.

"Way better than Facebook."

Chloe S.

"Perfect for helping me tease out life stories for my memoir. No more writers block!"

Ian T.

"Very helpful for me to try to remember stories about myself when I was younger."

Tony A.

"A tool for many positive outcomes. You guys are doing good work."

Ben B.

"Great way for families to pass on family history and values."

Kelly Y.

"I was very impressed. The site is really intuitive."

Rich P.
Names anonymized for privacy

Quick FAQs

Is My Stories Matter free to use?

Our digital platform is completely free to use! No charges now, no charges later. We want you to have a space to reminisce freely on without the worry of taxes and fees.

Why is it worth recording our memories?

Our lives are shaped by the memories we shared with family and friends. The stories tied to those memories matter and are worth preserving for the benefit of ourselves, our family, and friends. As we age, we become more vulnerable to losing these precious stories. Keep your memories safe by moving them from the hard drive between your ears to the Cloud.

How is My Stories Matter different from Facebook and other social media platforms?

Other social media feeds are cluttered with ads, trivial posts and memes, news pushed by an algorithm, and posts from people we barely know. My Stories Matter is different. We focus on helping people preserve and share their important stories and memories with family and close friends.

No ads, no junk, no invasion of privacy. My Stories Matter is designed by Baby Boomers for Baby Boomers, not by Millennials for Millennials. We understand how people’s needs and interests change as we age, so My Stories Matter was purpose-built to be age-friendly.

Unlike Facebook and other apps, we do NOT add trackers to follow you around everywhere you browse on the internet – even when you have logged out. “Everywhere?” Yes, unfortunately, that’s what they do. “Even when I’m not using Facebook?” Yep!

How do I know I won't lose my memories on My Stories Matter?

We know your memories and stories are priceless, so we do everything possible to ensure that you never lose them. My Stories Matter runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is the most reliable and widely-used web services platform on the planet. For added protection, we use AWS to maintain comprehensive backups of all memories, photos, comments, and other content you create or upload.

How do I know my memories will only be shared with the people I want?

Your memories are only viewable by the users to whom you have expressly given individual viewing permission. Even better, this high degree of sharing control can be set on a memory by memory basis.

You can also create your own private circles of family and friends, called Friend Circles.

All memories are encrypted so that even My Stories Matter employees can not view them.

We're very proud of our privacy settings. They're the strongest and most comprehensive you'll find anywhere in social media. In fact, our focus on privacy is one of our most important and defining features.

Can I download all of my memories?

Yes, you can. We understand that you've spent a lot of time recollecting and recording your memories. Your family and friends may have also spent valuable time contributing to, and collaborating on, those memories. To protect all that heartfelt effort, we ensure that you have the ability to easily access and download your memories at any time.

Our Favorite Quotes

By psychologists, philosophers, and authors

"Nostalgia... elevates your mood. You come out of the experience with a stronger sense of belonging"

Clay Routledge, PhD
North Dakota State University

"Group-based reminiscence therapy was reported as successful in reducing… social isolation."

Linda Franck, PhD
University of California San Francisco
Nicholas Molyneux, MSc
Quality of Life Research
Lynne Parkinson, PhD
The University of Newcastle, Australia

"I believe that without memories there is no life."

Lee Radziwill
Sister of Jacqueline Kennedy

"The next thing most like living one's life over again seems to be a recollection of that life, and to make that recollection as durable as possible by putting it in writing."

Benjamin Franklin
Founding Father

"He lives twice who can at once employ, the present well and e'en the past enjoy."

Alexander Pope
English Poet

"The more children know about their family background the more well-adjusted they are, the better they do in school, and the more resilient they are"

Marshall P. Duke, PhD
Emory University

"Older people have different needs. They value emotional goals over other goals... And, older adults use positive memories to help regulate their emotional state."

Mara Mather, PhD
University Southern California
Laura Carstensen, PhD
Stanford University

"Nostalgia ... elevates meaningfulness, connectedness and continuity in the past."

Tim Wildschut, PhD
University of Southampton

"Nostalgia is the perfect internal politician, connecting the past with the present, pointing optimistically to the future"

Constantine Sedikides, PhD
University of Southampton

"Nostalgia is absolutely central to human experience."

Constantine Sedikides, PhD
University of Southampton

"The stories of the past provide a source of affirmation, hope, and belief that their legacy will be preserved."

Andrea Bjornestad, PhD
South Dakota State University

"Nostalgia promotes psychological health and well-being."

Clay Routledge, PhD
North Dakota State University

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