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Get inspired with hundreds of thought-provoking personalized questions that span a range of topics from Childhood and Friendship to Unusual Experiences.

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Listen to songs from your youth, relive notable events, and see movie summaries to spark nostalgia and remind yourself of the people and experiences that are special to you.

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Some of our most cherished memories are those shared with others. Invite family and friends to help tell these stories and remember all the details with you!

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Walk down your personal memory lane! Our Timeline arranges your memories, revealing your life story in chronological order. Relive past experiences and seamlessly add new memories.

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Want to make finding your memories a breeze? Organize your memories by themes or chapters that make sense to you.

More tools to help you reminisce
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Imagine how it’d feel if you spent hours typing your life stories and they suddenly disappeared! With My Stories Matter, we automatically save everything you write, while you write, so you never have to worry.

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Invite your loved ones to My Stories Matter to privately share your cherished memories with them.

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