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Help a loved one recall meaningful memories and stories from their past. Remind them of the experiences that shaped their place in the world. Bridge the generational gap as the whole family connects through the power of storytelling.


Help Grandma and Grandpa

Turn your family history into a hands-on project! Help grandma and grandpa (or anyone else) recall old memories, reminisce about their lives, and recount their stories. Write memories down. Record audio. Upload or scan photos and documents. Start capturing your own family history!


Celebrate a Life and Gain Wisdom

Record the life of a loved one so they can relive it! Create a physical book of their life story. By helping them recall old memories, discover your own personal lessons, meaning, and wisdom.

Built with You in Mind

My Stories Matter was purpose-built for you. Here are some key features that make it easy to Help a Loved One.

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    Cultural Context
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Prompts are questions that act as helpful memory triggers. They are designed to uncover dormant memories or elicit stories about specific experiences, people, or places.

Cues are impactful historical facts, events, and cultural phenomena (e.g. songs) designed to trigger Memories.

Understand the defining spirit and mood of the time in which a Memory took place with cultural snapshots (hit songs, famous events, news, etc.).

Jot down a few key words about a Memory as soon as it pops into your mind, so that you can remember to expand upon it later. Use MindPopsTM to quickly capture fleeting thoughts and fully flesh them out later.

No longer do you need to squint at your screen or zoom in. Easily change the text-size of your Memories to make them easier to read.

What others are saying about My Stories Matter

"Great way for families to pass on family history and values."

Kelly Y.

"I can really see how easy it is for older people and younger people to navigate this."

Karen C.

"Fascinating stuff, I'd forgotten 90% of memories that I was a part of! Shows how useful this is."

Derek B.

"Thanks so much for doing this."

John P.

"Your new website is working pretty well!"

Logan F.
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