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Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your significant other, friend, or family member! 

According to the National Retail Federation, most people spend the most on jewelry on Valentine’s Day, not just cards and candy. But why not switch things up this year with a gift that will bring joy long after the holiday has passed?

A nostalgic gift is the ultimate way to show your love and appreciation for your loved ones. 

Whether it's reliving childhood memories, revisiting old memories with a loved one, or simply reflecting on life experiences, nostalgia brings happiness to our lives. Like that lingering scent of your mother’s perfume long after she left the room, or that nutty aroma of baked pecan pie. 

Here are some top nostalgic gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day!

1. A Life Stories Book

With My Stories Matter, you can create a custom Life Stories Book tailored to your relationship, personalizing every aspect, from the cover to the pages. You can include memories from your first date or trip together, special events, or those random, everyday moments that mean the world to you. But, how does it work? 

  • Step 1: Choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and styles to find your perfect look.

  • Step 2: Share your stories, and restore and colorize images for your book.

  • Step 3: Get your precious keepsake that will be cherished for generations!

According to polls, 71% of respondents believe that "it's the thought that counts" when it comes to gifting. What says “I’m thinking of you” more than a Life Stories Book tailored specifically for them? 

2. MSM Concierge Service

Another amazing gift is the My Stories Matter Concierge Service. Your dedicated My Stories Matter concierge coordinates interviews and oversees a skilled team to craft a beautiful legacy keepsake that you and your family will cherish for generations. How does that happen? In just three steps: 

  1. Step 1: Meet with a concierge to plan your memoir and interview times.

  2. Step 2: Your interviewer helps you recall life’s special people and moments.

  3. Step 3: Your memories will be expertly crafted into your own Life Stories Book.

3. A Time Capsule

A time capsule represents a particular moment you can share and look back on in the future. You can fill the time capsule with letters, photographs, medals, and more! Whether buried in the backyard or stored in a safe place, a time capsule is a timeless gift (pun intended) that your significant other will cherish for years, preserving your love. 

4. A Retro Sweets Box Hamper

Everyone loves a sweet treat, (especially on Valentine’s Day), and a hamper of nostalgic sweets is sure to bring back memories. It could be a jar of boiled sweets, a box of chocolate bars, or candied yams. Research indicates that scents trigger long-ago memories! Smells that evoke happy autobiographical memories increase positive emotions and diminish negative moods

5. A Movie Night Basket

Creating a movie night basket is another fun way to bring back memories of your past. For a fun and relaxed evening, fill a basket with your favorite movies, popcorn, sweets, and drinks, and start reminiscing about your past. Then watch your favorite film, surrounded by candlelight!

6. A Polaroid Camera

If you're looking for a unique and fun way to capture memories, a Polaroid camera is a great choice. These cameras provide instant gratification with a tangible print that can be added to a scrapbook or on the fridge! This is a great way to create a collection of candid and spontaneous moments you can look back on in the future. Then, you add the photos you take into your Life Stories Book, which will be enhanced just the way you like them! You can also upload these images to the My Stories Matter app or website. 

7. A Romantic Night Writing Memories Together

My Stories Matter is the perfect site to write precious memories you both share. First, whip out the hot chocolate and tarts and nestle together in front of the fireplace. How did your love story begin? 

My Stories Matter invites you to chronicle every laugh, adventure, and tender moment of your relationship. Whether it's recounting the thrill of your first date, the moment you realized “he’s the one!” or those random, every day, sweet moments, we offer a sanctuary where your memories are preserved and celebrated. On this special day, let the act of writing together deepen your bond!

The Power of Nostalgia on My Stories Matter

While there are many modern gifts to choose from, some of the best gifts to give on Valentine's Day bring back memories of the past. These nostalgic gifts are not just ordinary presents; they are personal, and sentimental and evoke happiness, joy, and love. 

Nostalgic gifts are a great way to show your loved ones how much you care by returning them to the memories they cherish. 

For more ideas on preserving special memories or connecting with a loved one, sign up for free at My Stories Matter! 


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