Sharing Memories: 5 Unique Ways You Haven't Thought of

Sharing Memories: 5 Unique Ways You Haven't Thought of 

In need of some fresh, exciting ways to share memories? 

Perhaps you want to keep specific memories alive in your family or friend group, and just talking about them or scrapbooking isn’t enough. 

You’ve come to the right place. 

After all, research shows that sharing specific autobiographical memories leads to more closeness within relationships

Without further ado, here are five unique ways to share memories with friends or loved ones. 


Recreate Childhood Photos 

Gather your family together to take the same picture in the poses you did in your old favorite photograph. As the kids recreate the same pose, you’ll see how much they’ve grown. The difference will be wild! 

You can also turn this photograph into personalized home decor, decorative pillows, a blanket, a gallery wall, canvas print, a photo book, etc., so you’ll be constantly reminded. 

Alternatively, you can share photos with your family and friends on My Stories Matter and tell the story behind them.



There are many cognitive benefits to journaling. Write about various events you’re most fond of in a diary, including the biggest adventures and challenges. Then share these memories with your family or friends on My Stories Matter

You’ll never have to worry about writer’s block either! My Stories Matter has prompts designed to trigger any forgotten memory. 


Make a Time Capsule 

Mementos help bring back lost memories. Create a family time capsule with special items related to that memory, such as letters, pictures, newspaper clippings, jewelry, CDs, etc. It could be anything at all. 

Have everyone throw their favorite item in the time capsule, bury it and revisit it once a year or every five years to relive that exact moment in time. 


Re-make Recipes 

Was there a favorite family Thanksgiving dish? Or perhaps it was a blackberry pie you enjoyed baking with your best friend on a warm spring afternoon. Cook the recipe again with that special someone! 

Afterward, take a photograph of the dish and share the memory with them on My Stories Matter, where you can both talk about how it felt cooking again, how the scents took you both back, etc.


Play or Listen to Music 

Was there a song associated with a particular memory involving someone else? Cue that same song to transport them back to the past

There’s a lot of research on music’s powerful influence on memory. Listening evokes memories. If you’re a musician, play a childhood song to the family. My Stories Matter provides contextual music or ways to upload that song to your memory page. 


Share Memories on My Stories Matter

My Stories Matter lets you share memories with your loved ones through our collaboration feature. 

This feature allows you to invite anyone you want, so it’s just the two of you reminiscing about that memory, unlike other social media platforms which broadcast and sometimes steal your fondest stories.

Start sharing memories today!


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