7 Fun Ways to Connect with Family During the Holidays

It’s that time of year again to reconnect and reminisce with family and friends! But are you tired of the same old routine? Are you trying to avoid those tense political debates between family members? 

To create happy family memories, avoid strife and focus on similarities rather than differences. The end of the year is also a time of reflection and an occasion to reminisce about loved ones who are sadly no longer with us.

We’ve compiled a list of creative ways to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends while making more memories!



Have a Game or Movie Night

Want to switch up the usual football game ritual after Christmas dinner? 

Do something interactive for fun with the family. If you don’t have any board games, try charades. Any initial groans will turn into laughter in short order. Watch a holiday movie with popcorn and cocoa if no one's up for games! 

A scavenger hunt or flag football are great outdoor options if the weather is nice.



Host a Bonfire

A campfire in the backyard is a beautiful way to spend time with loved ones and make s’mores - washed down with eggnog, cider, or hot chocolate!

This is an excellent opportunity to catch up with each other, and the warmth of the fire will create a cozy atmosphere.



Write Thank You Cards to Each Other

Thanksgiving might be over, but it’s always time to be thankful for family and friends. Have everyone write their reasons for being grateful this year on index cards, then distribute them. The host gathers the cards, saves them in a jar of appreciation, and reads them aloud again next year! 

This makes it easier for everyone to see their personal growth over the past year, like an annual time capsule. 



Cook Together

What is better than preparing a holiday meal together? Bring out Grandma's old cookbooks and show the kids how to cook those heirloom recipes! As a motivator, provide an irresistible prize - such as a dessert! 

Or hold a friendly baking contest, an ideal approach to persuade your guests to pitch in and bring a sweet treat. 



Make a Memory Quilt

While watching holiday-themed movies with caramel popcorn, create a family memory quilt.

Turn old clothes from your loved ones into a patchwork quilt as a daily reminder of the warmth they bring to your heart. Even if a family member has passed, using pieces of clothing from them will help keep their memory alive.

Not only will you be creating something beautiful, but you’ll also be preserving your family’s history for future generations.



Share a Journal

With My Stories Matter, you and your family can collaborate to preserve memories of shared experiences. Create a journal about family vacations, birthdays, or other milestone events.

Use the collaboration feature to fill in the missing gaps of each person’s recollection or to capture different perspectives of the shared experience. You may find it enlightening to view family vacations through your children’s eyes!



Start Making Memories Today 

There is no better platform to reminisce and share memories with the family than My Stories Matter!

Invite and collaborate with your parent, grandparent, or long-lost friend by sharing precious moments from the past. 

There are many ways to preserve family memories during this holiday season. For example:  

  • Ask family members to share their stories of a loved one on My Stories Matter. Then create a Life Stories Book and present it to them as a keepsake.

  • Only you know the stories of your children’s early years. Preserve them before they are forgotten. Create a book of their childhood for them to enjoy and pass on to their children.

  • Assist a loved one in remembering special moments from their past. Use the power of storytelling to bridge the generations and bring your entire family together. Ask them to tell you the stories behind their photos. Help grandparents (or anybody else) remember the past, reflect on their lives, and share their wisdom and stories.

  • Document the history of your own family! You can do this by jotting down memories, capturing audio, uploading photos, or scanning your children’s artwork.

We wish everyone happy holidays!


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