5 Best Tips for Capturing Life Stories






Have you ever noticed that listening to songs from your childhood makes you nostalgic? Or how the smell of a family recipe reminds you of summers at your grandparents? 

Believe it or not, we can resurface our life stories by revisiting songs, sights, and smells associated with experiences!

Do you remember your favorite old Songs?

 Sometimes those memory cues are a little too far, so to help you out, we have a digital memory lane at My Stories Matter that you can “walk” down. With playable songs on our timeline in the sidebar and pictures of nostalgic movies and events, it’s sure to help you remember many life stories. We discuss this concept more in-depth in our other blog post.

Be ready to capture life stories as they come

Did something pop up in your head? It is on the top right of your screen. You will find it in the same spot on our mobile app! Use MindPops to jot it down and finish it later.


Who has the correct version of the event?

Noone’s memory is perfect. Most of our best life stories are ones we made with other people. If we work together, we can help paint the best picture of the memory. Collaboration can be found on the right side when you click ‘add a memory. 


Don’t worry about perfection

While grammar and spelling are essential in an academic and professional setting, it doesn't matter on My Stories Matter when capturing your life stories. Only you can choose who sees your personal life lessons when you add memory. We do not currently nor plan to sell your information to anyone.

Organize into Collections

Group your memories into different categories! Like how you have folders of your dog pictures, you can also categorize your memories! Like your memories, we keep your memory collections private so only those you allow can see them.

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