4 Creative Ways to Reach Out to an Old Family Member or Friend


Have you ever asked yourself what would have happened if you had kept in touch with a particular person, asking that powerful question: “What if?” 

After all, in one major study, the 4th regret of passing away is: “I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.” 

It’s essential to keep those connections alive, even if it means getting past the initial awkwardness of reaching out. Even as the holidays dwindle, it’s never too late!

So today, My Stories Matter gives you four quick, creative ways to reach out to an old family member or friend.



Try Snail Mail

Handwritten notes, a letter, or a card are much appreciated and are more meaningful than texts, even if it’s brief or homemade. 

In the age of social media, this is more true than ever. Taking the time to write a letter shows that person how much you mean to them.



Initiate a Virtual Gathering 

Especially if that person lives on the other side of the world, initiating a virtual get-together is a low-key, great way to reconnect. 

Your reunion can be a brunch, happy hour, game, or movie night. Or start a remote book club where you can discover a new author or genre together. 



Share Recipes and Cook.

Cooking together can be a great bonding activity where you can recreate your favorite dishes. 

Smells you remember invoke those long-lost, treasured memories



Send them a Song 

Is there a song that makes you think of them or that you both used to listen to? Creating a collaborative playlist that you can add to is another excellent way to reconnect. 

It shows that they are still in your mind and heart in a touching way. Music also stirs memories; you can share nostalgic songs


Stay Connected to Family and Friends with My Stories Matter

My Stories Matter lets you collaborate in myriad ways, such as musically, with photos, written entries, and more! Only you and that person can reminisce in peace and privacy.

My Stories Matter reminds your loved one about events that shaped you both into who you are by stirring memories and utilizing the power of storytelling. 

Whether it’s helping your grandparent recall an old memory or a friend about a college experience, My Stories Matter brings people together, closing the time gap.  

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