Writing RemindersStay motivated with encouraging email Prompts and inspiration to help you stay on track with writing your life story.
Set up

At first, preserving memories can seem like a daunting task. Where do you even start?

A true story: A little progress goes a long way ✨

When Douglas first joined, he told our CEO Arnie he didn’t have much to write about… a 250 page book of his life stories later, he's working on volume 2!

His secret was that every Sunday morning while drinking his coffee, he hopped on My Stories Matter and wrote.

Arnie loved that idea so much, we added a way to help everyone gently remind themselves.

Setting yourself up for success 🚀

You can choose to have us send you friendly reminder emails with a special surprise to inspire your writing! You can start with weekly reminders, and adjust the frequency anytime.

Here’s a preview of a reminder with a Prompt - an engaging question to spark your writing:

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