Speech-to-textInstead of typing, simply talk to transcribe your words - making it quicker to capture your life story.
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So many have come to My Stories Matter to record or help record their Mom’s, Dad’s or grandparent’s life story. When Lori joined My Stories Matter, she asked “My mother is 93 and has arthritis in her fingers. Do you have a speak to text feature?”

We knew we needed to have a solution. With that said, we are pleased to introduce speech-to-text - making it easier and quicker for anyone to capture a life story by talking instead of having to type.

Key benefits

Ease of use: Speech-to-text is hands-free, allowing you to speak naturally and then see your words appear typed out for you.

Effortless: Minimize the physical effort of typing, especially helpful if you find it tiring or challenging. Simply speak, and let speech-to-text do the work for you.

Time-saving: For those who find typing time-consuming, Speech-to-Text offers a faster alternative. Get more done in less time by speaking your thoughts instead of typing them out.

How to use

Activate speech-to-text: Begin a new memory and find the “Transcribe” button next to “Upload images.” Click “Transcribe.”

The first time you use speech-to-text, you will see a pop-up message from your computer. The message will ask if you want to allow My Stories Matter to use your microphone. Simply click “Allow.” You will only need to do this once.

Start speaking: Click the circular button with a microphone, and start speaking.

Edit with ease: When you’re done, click the same circular button to stop the transcription. You can review the transcription and choose to add it to your memory by clicking “Insert.” Or, click “Clear” to discard it.

Frequently asked questions

Who is speech-to-text good for?

How do I allow My Stories Matter to use my microphone for speech-to-text?