A keepsake for years to come

Creating a Memory Book with My Stories Matter is a fantastic way to preserve your memories and cherish them for years to come. With a simple and user-friendly process, you can have your gift in a few easy steps.


Write your memories

  • Document your precious moments for free on My Stories Matter
  • Use fun features designed to help bring memories to life, such as prompts and automatic black-and-white photo colorization.
  • Select from your written memories

Customize your book

  • Do you prefer a shiny hardcover or matte softcover?
  • Are you looking for vivid full-color printing or a classic look with black and white?
  • Do you want  to order your memories chronologically, thematically, or custom to your preference!

Quality formatting

  • Your stories are turned into custom formatted sections (title page, dedication, table of contents, chapters, etc.) for a complete and polished book
  • The professionally designed page layouts offer clear hierarchy for the best possible reading experience when reminiscing on your memories
  • For example, we add paragraph indentations so that your book looks professional like the ones on your bookshelf

Restore your precious photos

A single photo can be a treasured possession. The My Stories Matter team can help bring those valuable photos to its former glory with these additional services.

  • Image upscaling: Improve the quality of your photos
  • Photo retouching: Fix scratches, fading and other issues that are present in old photos.
  • Black and white colorization: See black & white photos colorized as they would have been if you were there in person.

Get your quote

  • See your book before you commit to anything
  • Weigh each option, all which produce a high-quality product at an affordable price
  • Make any changes you’d like to craft your Memory Book that will be cherished for years to come

Enjoy your book

Take it from our CEO and Co-founder, Arnie Papp:

“Our dog, Benji, can't read, but my family can. In the years to come, perhaps when they pick up my Memories Book, it will also serve as a physical reminder of me and our wonderful life together.”

Don't let your memories fade away

Preserve them with a Memory Book with My Stories Matter.

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