The Story of You

Start that journal you’ve always wanted to, or continue your existing journal online. Keep your journal private, or share the entries you want.


Convenient and Protected

Protect your hard work by creating a virtual backup that you can access, edit, or download anytime and anywhere. Easily combine your journal entries and categorize them into Collections.


For Your Eyes Only

Your online private journal entries are for your eyes only. However, you can also share specific journal entries with specific friends


Reflect and Grow

Reflect on your life and grow as a person. Revisit your experiences with a new perspective.

Built with You in Mind

My Stories Matter was purpose-built for you. Here are some key features that help you Journal Your Life.

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    Encrypted MemoriesTM

Group journal entries together into collections like "College Days" or "Australia Trip (1987)" to categorize your stories.

Tag relevant items in your journal entries to categorize them for easy recall. Simply search for what you’re looking for at any time.

Feel safe with frequent automatic backups of your Memories, Drafts, and photos.

Neither our engineers, database admins, employees, nor anyone else can read your Memories. Your data is encrypted and is not shared with anyone.

What others are saying about My Stories Matter

"It's great that we can make this into a book!"

Kristen C.

"Perfect for helping me tease out life stories for my memoir. No more writers block!"

Ian T.

"This could be a tool for many positive outcomes."

Ben B.

"I can really see how this is intuitive for older people as well as younger people."

Karen C.

"Thank you so much! The Journalism department asked me to find photos representative of each decade, and I never dreamed I'd have so much to work with, which is exciting...this is a dream!"

Emily W.

"Thanks for doing this!"

Eric Z.
Names anonymized for privacy

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