How to Write Your Legacy Story

How to Write Your Legacy Story 

When you think of “legacy stories,” do famous movie stars or historical figures come to mind? 

A legacy story is much more than that - they are the story of your life, for you can offer something no one else can. For example, your relationships, accomplishments, failures, personality, and values differentiate you from others.

A legacy story is much like an autobiography or memoir, except more flexible in the direction you want to go.

Free yourself from your inner critic and, with this guide, learn how to write your legacy story today!


What are the Benefits of Writing a Legacy Story? 

A legacy story: 

• impacts those around you, such as family or friends 

• shows what’s truly important to you or how much you learned

• provides insight or closure 

• shows someone how much they mean to you 

According to Benjamin Franklin, “If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” 


Where to Begin? 

Set time apart to sit down once a week (or a month) and jot down anything noteworthy about your life.

Don’t wait!

As we grow older, we remember less, so it’s essential to get everything out now while it's still fresh! 

Start small, such as a specific memory, vignette, or scene. Pretend you’re writing a letter to your friend without the added pressure behind the word “legacy.” It doesn’t have to be anything monumental. 

My Stories Matter helps by asking specific questions, triggering the memory you want to recollect. 

Some of these legacy-friendly prompts include: 

• What are the most important lessons you learned in life? 

• What is something you learned from a parent you never want to forget? 

• Who has been a great inspiration to you? 

• What is a significant risk you’ve taken in life? 

• What was a tough obstacle in your life you had to overcome? 

Answering questions like these will determine your legacy story and what you want to leave behind. 


Get Organized 

There is no right or wrong way to organize, but My Stories Matter has a timeline feature that collects, categorizes your entries, backs up, and saves your work, entirely private for your eyes! 

If you don’t feel comfortable writing down your memories, don’t worry! Our voice recorder has you covered. You can also have a close friend or family member transcribe your stories if needed. 



As you write about the past, reach out to someone specific to your legacy story and invite them to participate in it, whether scuba diving, pranking neighbors as children, or graduating high school. 

Don’t forget to check your facts! Are the dates, times, and events accurate? Family members or friends can help fill in the blanks.

My Stories Matter allows you to collaborate with anyone you choose. 


Read and Listen 

Reading or listening to others’ legacy stories will give you ideas. You can read strangers’ legacy stories on My Stories Matter or someone famous whose life inspires you. These are usually in the form of autobiographies.

We all share everyday experiences and conflicts. People learn from each other, so when you write about how you overcome your life obstacles, you’re inspiring others how to as well. 


Include Some Mementos  

If you’re struggling to remember particular memories you want to include in your legacy story, gather some souvenirs from the past, such as a keepsake. 

Mementos help spark your memory. They can be photographs, postcards, letters, tickets, souvenirs, gifts, etc., helping your stories flow and putting the reader in your shoes. Upload these photos on My Stories Matter and write around that memory. 


Write Your Legacy Story on My Stories Matter 

My Stories Matter is custom-built for your legacy story. You can add music, images, and text to your video or audio life story. Digital audio files can run along with family photos for an entertaining storyline. 

A legacy story is vital because it’s a bit of your life written down, left to inspire. Many people wish they could have read the words of their grandparents, parents, aunts, or uncles who passed away and hadn’t told them much about their lives. 

Don’t let your friends and family feel the same way! With a legacy story, you’ll always have the answers when your loved ones ask questions when you’re not around. 

Your legacy story will live forever.


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