Gift Dad with a Special Father’s Day Life Stories Book 


Father's Day is approaching, and there's nothing quite like a Father's Day Life Stories Book filled with personal memories to honor the remarkable man in your life. 

Recording your Dad's stories and memories is a thoughtful way to pay tribute to him, but it also doubles as an enjoyable bonding experience. 

The Harris Poll polled over 2,000 adults in the U.S. to determine what will be on everyone's wish lists this year. According to the survey, 75% of Americans prefer to give unique holiday gifts, such as those with a story attached to them!

In another study, presents that were seen as "heartfelt" and "personalized" were greatly preferred over generic gifts. People preferred these personal gifts even more than gift cards, with only 14% of respondents saying they'd choose a gift card over a sincere present. In addition, twice as many respondents preferred a uniquely personal gift over a generic one worth more than $100!

To help you create your personalized Father’s Day gift, use My Stories Matter to turn your written memories into a custom Life Stories Book.



Create Your Father’s Day Life Stories Book on My Stories Matter 

My Stories Matter makes the process a breeze with its user-friendly platform. Create an account and invite your Dad to join. Then, share the link to the platform and guide him through recording his stories; choose from hundreds of prompts in My Stories Matter to encourage him to open up and share his most meaningful memories.

Once your dad has recorded his stories, you can help him organize them into a Father's Day Life Stories Book. You can also enhance his stories with photos. With various designs and layout options to choose from, you can create a personalized Father's Day Life Stories Book that genuinely represents your dad's unique personality.

Use My Stories Matter to make the process more interactive. You can record stories in different settings, such as during a road trip, at a particular location that holds meaning for your Dad, or at an event you attend together. Believe it or not, according to research, people value experiences more than gifts!

Another great feature of My Stories Matter is the ability to share the Father's Day Life Stories Book with others. In addition to printing a physical keepsake,  you can also digitally share his stories on My Stories Matter with family and friends.  

You can also make it a family fun activity by making a game out of it, like creating a "guess the year" game, where you and your family will have to guess the year the stories took place and other fun trivia games!



What to Include in a Father’s Day Life Stories Book 

What to put in your Father's Day Life Stories Book depends on what your Dad enjoys doing, his personality quirks, etc. You can include special mementos that are meaningful to your father, making it a truly one-of-a-kind gift. 

Alternatively, you can talk about what your Dad means to you. For example: 

  • Childhood Memories 

Start by sharing some of your favorite childhood memories with your Dad. Write about your fun times and what made those moments memorable.

  • Family Photos

Include some of your favorite family photos, especially ones that capture moments with your Dad. Write about the stories behind those photos and their significance to you.

  • Letters and Notes

Write letters or notes to your Dad expressing your love and appreciation for him. Share what you admire most about him and how he has impacted your life.

  • Recipes and Activities

If your Dad has a favorite recipe or activity you enjoy, include it in the book. This will show him that you value your time together and the memories you have created.

My Stories Matter helps you elegantly communicate these ideas with our newly added WritingHelper. Don’t forget to take advantage of this feature when you sign up! 

Creating a Father’s Day Life Stories Book is a great way to learn more about your Dad, preserve his legacy for future generations, and show him how much he means to you and your family. He’ll be so appreciative and delighted whether this gift is a surprise or a special project you both worked on together.  


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